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Dr Bernstein’s approach works best when patients participate and take action to enhance their own health and well-being. This page was designed to be a resource for those looking to make better choices that will lead to long lasting improved quality of life. 

This page is divided into sections based on working with motivated patients that have contributed ideas as well as information Dr. Bernstein has researched over the years.

There may be updates to this page periodically as new information is avaialable.

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Places to purchase foods for good health

The Doylestown Food Market, Whole Foods, Wegmans, Trader Joe’s, Kimberton Whole Foods and other local health food stores can be great places to shop when looking for healthy food choices and those foods needed for an elimination diet.  Regular supermarkets are now beginning to have more available as well.  It is important to read labels carefully wherever you shop. 

Local grocery store for organic produce

The Doylestown Food Market at 29 West State Street, Doylestown,

215-348-4548, provides an outlet for local farms and producers and supplies healthy nutricious food to the community.  Find out more at:

Doylestown Food Co-op


Local Farms and CSAs 

Bucks County Farms

Barefoot Gardens

Hershberger Heritage Farm



Places where you can purchase healthy organic food and “clean animal products” and also support local farmers








A guide to local farmers markets, some individually listed below:

www.birchwoodfarmdairy.com  Newtown, PA

Sunnyslope Farm  New Hope, Bucks County, PA

Bolton Farm Market  Silverdale, Bucks County, PA

Fratelli Desiato Vineyards Pipersville, Bucks County, PA

Happy Farm  Kintnersville, Bucks County, PA

Hendricks Farm Telford, PA



The following are additional resources for information, support and places to purchase food items online.


www.foodnews.org   A listing of the most important foods to eat organic

www.whfoods.org/foodstoc.php  Health benefits of the World's Healthiest Foods


Door to Door Organics

Resources for purchasing food locally and eating out locally. 


          Buy Fresh Buy Local PA

          Bucks County Taste


Help starting your own organic garden

The Turnip Truck Ottsville, Bucks County, PA
www.pickyourown.org/PAharvestcalendar.htm   Calendar of expected harvest dates for local crops

Groups creating awareness and politically active regarding our food supply and sustainable living practices

www.organicconsumers.org  Information on the benefits of organic

www.slowfoodusa.org  Sustainable living through local food appreciation



Additional Services at our office

We offer individual coaching sessions for those who are interested in support and guidance regarding lifestyle changes and making those changes stick.  These sessions are personalized to address the specific needs of the individual with the goal of enhancing optimal health and well-being.  In the future, we will be offering group sessions to cover more common concerns.

Other Resources for those concerned about environmental exposures


Recommended Products and Services






         Hear experts talk about recent developments in these areas.

          Global Stress Summit

          Microbiome Medicine Summit 2

          The Betrayal Series -  about Autoimmune Disease

          The Foundations of Well-Being

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™

The Dynamic Neural Retraining System™ is a natural, drug-free, neuroplasticity-based healing Program that can help you recover from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Lyme Disease, Food Sensitivities, Anxiety, Chronic Pain, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome and many other conditions. Many of these conditions are related to a chronic stress response and limbic system dysfunction. Click here for more information

What is different about this approach?

This system directly targets brain function and a maladapted stress response that is at the root of suffering for so many. This approach does not chase your symptoms - it will teach you how to change the function and structure of your brain. When you rewire the limbic system, you move your body from a state of survival to a state of growth and repair – where true healing can take place.


Patient Resources Page

To access the Patient Resources Page, a username and password are required.  If you are a patient and need your username and password, please call the office at 215-794-7880. 







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