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We Offer Support for You and Your Journey Towards Optimal Health and Well-Being

We at the Holistic Healing Center are committed to looking at the whole person and getting to the root causes of your health concerns.  The Doctor, as well as the Lifestyle support team, is here to support patients in moving forward to create better health and well-being.  The Doctor creates an integrative treatment plan that involves other members of the staff including the Patient Advocate and often the Integrative Functional Nutritionist to support patients in reaching their goals. To learn more about the services provided by the Lifestyle support team please visit our Services page.

Support with Implementation of Lifestyle Modifications

Nutritional Counseling and Lifestyle Programs

Both Dr. Bernstein and Michal Shelton RDN LDN are passionate about food and nutrition.  We consider optimal food choices to be a solid foundation for creating and maintaining great health.  We often coordinate our treatment as well as work independently.  With the support of the Patient Advocate and the staff, we are here to empower patients to implement their individualized tailored treatment plan.
In addition to individual nutrition counseling, Michal offers services to support patients in achieving their optimal health including goal setting, meal plans and groups remotely on special topics.


She is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist and due to her varied experiences as an intern, she has dealt with a wide range of patient populations and medical issues.
She has a passion for nutrition as well as treating the whole person.  Her desire is to provide quality integrative functionally oriented nutritional and lifestyle support to patients to help them to achieve optimal health and well-being.  She is a proponent of the "food as medicine" philosophy. 

Michal grew up in an environment where nutrition was not prioritized. She slowly began to discover the impact that food could have on a person's overall wellbeing. After working with a dietitian for some of her own health issues, she realized that helping others through individual nutrition counseling would be fulfilling and was what she wanted to do for her career and pursued a nutrition and dietetics degree.
She believes and is committed to taking an individualized patient centered approach that utilizes her clinical skills as well as her listening and problem-solving abilities.  Michal is caring and is really passionate about making a difference with those she serves. Her goal is to create a compassionate partnership with each person to help them achieve their health goals with nutrition, and lifestyle approaches.

Michal says it best "I strongly believe that each person has unique nutrition needs and therefore dietary recommendations should be tailored accordingly. As a holistically oriented dietitian-nutritionist, I take into account all factors of a person's life and my desire is to assist people in finding a food plan that will work for their individual needs and lifestyle"

Michal loves learning and is always studying, listening to podcasts and attending webinars and virtual conferences in the nutritional and functional medicine field to further her knowledge.

She has recently successfully completed the Monash University 'Low FODMAP Diet for IBS' online training course for health professionals.  She is excited to utilize this knowledge to support patients.

In her free time, Michal enjoys various walking and hiking in nature.

Most traditionally trained dietitians and nutritionists are not educated on supplements, on how to interpret specialty labs used in functional medicine, nor receive any formal training on some health problems such as hormonal imbalances, adrenal fatigue, the microbiome and leaky gut, autoimmune conditions, and mental health.  They are taught how to implement therapeutic diets which often do not address the root cause of why disease and dysfunction occurs. For this reason, we highly encourage you to work with Michal and receive nutrition education within the functional medicine framework put forth by Dr. Bernstein.

Due to her being a Registered Dietitian she is able to work with many insurance plans. She is in network with a good number of insurance carriers including Aetna, Personal Choice, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Horizon, Medicare, Cigna and United Healthcare and others.  Most of these plans offer partial or more often full coverage for visits with her. Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans unfortunately offer very limited coverage for Nutrition.  For more information about Michal please feel free to call us @ 215-794-7880. If we have not already, we will be happy to check your benefits for Nutrition for you! 

For those that do not have good coverage or are not eligible, we offer affordable packages for visits with Michal!


The role of the Patient Advocate and Lifestyle Specialist is to provide education and support to the patients as they go through their individual journey towards optimal health and well-being.    

Debbie is the perfect person for this role because of her own prior health challenges and how she learned to support herself with natural healing, her BS in Alternative Medicine, and her desire to serve.  She is a great listener, has a wonderful sense of humor, is compassionate and loves to educate and support patients.  

Debbie is a mother of two children and has worked in the field of education and teaching for the last several years. She, at the same time, completed her Bachelors.

Her desire to pursue further education in the field of holistic health was inspired by her own personal journey of healing.  She felt empowered by her ability to regain her health using holistic and natural means.  This then motivated her to apply herself to learning more so that she could better support herself, her children's health and others.

Debbie offers services to support patients in achieving their optimal health.  She can assist with various stress management techniques and therapies including HeartMath and the BioMat.  Debbie has comprehensive training in HeartMath and has successfully completed the HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self-Regulation. HeartMath is a bio-feedback tool that is designed to help people utilize their innate abilities to control and combat stress.  Debbie is also familiar with a variety of stress management, mind-body and relaxation techniques that can enhance well-being and support more restful sleep.  She offers individual sessions for learning and practicing these various techniques. A link to HeartMath is on our resource page. 

The BioMat is an amethyst mat that utilizes far infrared to promote deep relaxation among other healthful benefits.  Please refer to the Services Page of our website for more detailed information. 

The combination of her love for learning about holistic health and her love of people and teaching others gives her the perfect background for her position of Patient Advocate.

Debbie looks forward to being of service to you in reaching your goals of improved health and wellness. 



Reflexologist Jeanne Kane is skilled in creating a uniquely relaxing and therapeutic session for her clients.  Reflexology is a holistic discipline using the hands to apply pressure to the feet in order to stimulate physiological changes in the body through reflexes and the nervous system. Schedule your session today and indulge your senses while healing your mind, body and soul.

Jeanne Kane is currently not offering sessions due to the pandemic. 



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