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June 10, 2019, Faith Lumpkin, RDN LDN, is now in network with most insurance  companies!

We are pleased to announce the credentialing process is complete and Faith Lumpkin, our Integrative Functional Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, is now in network with most commercial insurance companies!
We are happy to check your benefits for coverage if you have Independence Blue Cross, United Health Care, Aetna, Cigna, Medicare or a BCBS Highmark plan which includes Federal Employee Program, Capital Blue, Horizon to name a few. For those that do not have good coverage or are not eligible, we offer affordable packages for visits with Faith.

On May 1, 2019, Reflexologist, Jeanne Kane joined our team!

Jeanne is very caring and wants her clients to get the most from their Reflexology session.  She takes into account the client’s goals and health concerns to foster a positive experience.  She believes that the body has the capacity to heal itself in many cases and that reflexology is one type of bodywork that facilitates that healing. Her strong belief in the various healing aspects of reflexology include- stress relief, pain relief, working with the peripheral nervous system, moving lymph, and body map on feet. 

Jeanne is a long-time Bucks County resident who is a loving wife, mother and grandmother.

Jeanne received her Reflexology certification from Essential Connections in Quakertown. She is also a Reiki Practitioner, and as such can incorporate Reiki into a Reflexology session.


As of February 1, 2019, Registered Dietitian, Faith Lumpkin has joined our team!

Some of you had the privilege of meeting or working with Gina Gauthier, our Integrative Functional Nutritionist.  She came to us from Duke in North Carolina after her husband was transferred here for a promotion.  Jason, her husband, due to his performance, was again promoted back to North Carolina and she will be going back to Duke as an outpatient RD supporting those with Cystic Fibrosis.  I am sure she will touch the lives of many as she has done here.  Gina supported me in my search for another RD and we decided on someone who, like Gina, is passionate about Functional Medicine and treats the whole person with care and compassion.  Our new RD had the opportunity to shadow and learn from Gina as well.  We will miss Gina and wish her and her husband the best in their new positions.

We are excited and pleased to announce that Faith Lumpkin, RDN, LDN, is now joining our team.  Faith’s strong clinical skills, ability to really listen with compassion and insight and creative problem solving abilities related to working in a variety of clinical settings complement the Doctor perfectly.  She thrives on working in coordination with the rest of our team to provide the best possible support for the patients.  Our goal is that she will be able to support you with diet and lifestyle modifications and offer you that extra time and TLC you may need to achieve your optimal health and wellbeing.

Faith has had her own health issues and has found that working with her own diet by adding and taking away certain foods has made a major difference for her in her own health and well-being. 

You can read her bio on the Lifestyle Support Page.

Faith works in coordination with Dr. Debbie Bernstein and Debbie Garlits our Patient Advocate.  Debbie is a mother of two children and has worked in the field of education and teaching for the last several years.  She, at the same time, completed her bachelors in Alternative Medicine from Everglades University.

Debbie had her own health challenges several years ago and decided to heal herself using natural approaches and healthy lifestyle choices.  She was impressed with her ability to regain her health and has applied herself to learning more and supporting her and her children’s health as well.  She then decided that she wanted to learn more and that is when she went back to school to complete her studies in Alternative Medicine.

The combination of her love for learning about holistic health, her love of people and teaching others gives her the perfect background for her position of Patient Advocate.  We thoroughly enjoy her bright, loving personality and the joy she has brought to the office.  She is a great listener and has a strong desire to serve and support others.

Many of you have already met Debbie and if you have not yet had the pleasure, she looks forward to meeting you over time and being of support.

New Services Offered by our Nutritionist Faith Lumpkin RDN LDN

In addition to individual nutrition counseling, Faith offers the following services to support patients in achieving their optimal health. Costs of the following services are not covered by insurance and will be based on time.  (These services include recipes and shopping lists*)

Kitchen Revamp

(1-2 hour recommended)

In need of a pantry clean out but not sure where to start?

Allow our Integrative Functional Registered Dietitian, Faith Lumpkin RDN LDN, help you in cleaning out your cabinets and offering suggestions for healthier options for you and your family.  She will educate you on food labels, brand suggestions, and offer recipes and shopping lists.

Meal Prep

(2 hours recommended)

Never seem to have enough time to eat well at home?

Meal prepping can be extremely helpful for those with busy schedules who want to eat healthy! Through this service our Integrative Functional Registered Dietitian, Faith Lumpkin RDN LDN, will demonstrate efficient time saving meal prepping techniques and offer education and instruction.  Clients may choose which foods or recipes they would like to prepare.  Recipes, meal plans and shopping lists will be provided. 

Clients are required to provide ingredients needed in meal preparation.


Grocery Store Tour

(1 hour recommended)

Not sure what to look for and really read the labels?

Grocery shopping can be a difficult task with the many options available. Our  

Integrative Functional Registered Dietitian, Faith Lumpkin RDN LDN, will help navigate you through the store emphasizing the areas to focus on and instruction on reading food labels, healthy choices, and brand ideas. Clients can choose which store they would like for the dietitian to meet them at.

Goal setting meeting:  Cost will depend on your insurance coverage.  Generally we recommend at least ½ hour discussing what you want to get out of the experience unless this has already been discussed in a prior visit.

Packages: Combining services is a great way to get comprehensive support and may be more economical. 

Kitchen Revamp and Meal Prep

Grocery store tour and Meal Prep

Grocery store tour and Kitchen Revamp

Kitchen Revamp, Meal Prep, and Grocery store tour

*There may be an additional charge for individualized Meal Plans which may be done as part of a visit with the Integrative Functional Nutritionist which may be covered or at least partially covered or at the home which would be an out of pocket service. 

Max Pulse Cardiovascular Testing

We are excited to offer a new non-invasive cardiovascular screening device called the Max Pulse. Using pulsewave analysis and frequency domain analysis techniques, you'll see a detailed report of the overall health of your cardiovascular system. The Max Pulse analyzes heart rate variability and mean heart rate; elasticity of large, small, and peripheral arteries; arteriosclerosis progress; blood circulation and remaining blood volume; left ventricular power; and mental and physical stress and resistance to stress. This is a unique opportunity to take a detailed look at your cardiovascular health. For more information about cost and to make an appointment, please contact the office. You can also click here to read frequently asked questions about Max Pulse.


The Holistic Healing Center now offers the Biomat, a state-of-the-art breakthrough in medical science! This therapeutic alternative therapy offers patients a multitude of benefits using infrared light, negative ions and amethyst quartz, leading to total body wellness. Benefits include: DNA repair; increased serotonin levels; enhanced strength, stability and vigor; increased bloodflow; detox; increased metabolism; bacterial elimination; healing of soft tissue; muscle relaxation; immune system boost; cardio fitness and healthy arteries; and much more!

Click Here to learn more about Biomat. Please call the office with any questions or to make an appointment, or after your appointment, enjoy a relaxing 15-minute experience of lying on the Biomat!

Medical Infrared Thermography

We have recently partnered with TDI (Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging) which provides superior quality infrared imaging of the breast, neuromuscular system, dental, thyroid, and sinus regions to assist in the assessment of problems associated with these areas.  Please click here for more information about TDI.

Thermographic Diagnostic Imaging will be at our location on the following Thursdays in 2020: January 9th, March 5th, May 7th, July 9th, September 10th and November 5th.

Please contact TDI at 856-596-5834 to make your appointment.

Make sure to read the instructions for preparing for your test which will be provided by TDI.





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