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Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

Susan Czarecki FMCHC

The role of the Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach is to support patients in making health-related decisions and incorporating lifestyle changes into their daily routine.  This is accomplished by fully listening and offering support, accountability, collaboration, education and resources to the patients.

Susan Czarecki has recently completed her training for the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy and is now a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.  This program is affiliated with the Institute for Functional Medicine where the Doctor trained to be an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and continues to further her knowledge.  Learn more

Susan's background

She decided on doing this certification due to struggling with her own health challenges and wanting to find natural solutions within the Functional Medicine framework. 

Prior to her training, she was a co-owner of small businesses, worked in retail and as a caregiver, and recently ran her own business.  As a member of the Holistic Healing Center team, she thrives on working with other team members and enjoys the variety of tasks and responsibilities at the office. 

Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach

As a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach, Susan supports patients with the development and enhancement of healthy lifestyle choices.  Her training is a perfect fit for working in coordination with the Doctor, the Integrative Functional Nutritionist, Kirsten Hamilton RDN LDN FMNS, and the Patient Advocate/Lifestyle Support Specialist, Debbie Garlits BS, to enhance the experience patients have at the Holistic Healing Center.

The Doctor is committed to patients embracing and living healthy fulfilling lives and each member of the team plays an important role in fulfilling that commitment.


What is the training of a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach?

There are several key areas that are emphasized in the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy training that make that training particularly relevant for our Integrative Functional Medicine practice.

First is the basics of Functional Medicine.  The Functional Medicine Model is an evidenced based approach for addressing underlying root causes of disease with the goal of promoting optimal well-being.  Patients are empowered though an individualized and patient centered partnership.

The second area is Functional Nutrition.   The principle of food is medicine is emphasized because of its power to support healing and bring about health.

The third area is Mind-Body Medicine.  This is the study of how our thoughts, emotions, imaginations and belief systems directly impact our physical body and even our DNA expression.  Evidence based techniques to aid in generating a healing response and the lowering of unhealthy stress reactions are integrated into the coaching.

The fourth area is Positive Psychology.  This is the study of what virtues and strength enhance well-being and lead to life being worth living.  Living with purpose, meaning and fulfillment can result in more positive health outcomes.  Positive psychology focuses on how to enhance and nurture what is the best within each of us.  It is not just the absence of disease but striving for vitality and knowing what supports you in thriving as an individual.

The fifth area is on Health Coaching   Creating a partnership that is collaborative, person centered and identifying what the goals are of particular importance to each individual.  Dealing with any barriers that may arise along the way with creative mutually arrived at solutions.  The process is empowering and involves personal discovery with the intention of creating better long-term health and well-being.

Susan looks forward to being of service to you in reaching your goals of improved health and wellness.

Call our office to make an appointment with Susan at 215-794-7880.

Let me listen, support and encourage you as you adopt healthy lifestyle choices”

Susan Czarecki FMCHC