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News and Events

We have moved our location to the Bailiwick Office Campus, 252 West Swamp Rd, Suite 40 in Doylestown.  We are loving it here!  We did some renovations using environmentally sustainable materials and are looking forward to seeing you in our new home.  

I am excited to announce that Kirsten Hamilton RDN LDN FMNS has joined our team as our Integrative Functional Nutritionist.  Kirsten has over 16 years of clinical experience and has comprehensive training in Integrative Functional Nutrition Therapy.  She enjoys working as part of a team and is very warm and approachable.  She takes into account the whole person and uses her clinical experience and Functional Nutrition training to address the root cause of issues.

Kirsten is a great addition to our team and will be seeing patients in conjunction with the Doctor and independently for those that just want her Nutrition services.  Kirsten is in network with most major commercial insurances.  Click here to learn more about Kirsten from her page on this website and click here to read the Doctor’s latest newsletter article welcoming Kirsten Hamilton RDN LDN FMNS..

We at the Holistic Healing Center are dedicated to supporting our patients with taking on lifestyle modifications that will help optimize health and well-being.  This is why we offer various forms of testing to look for underlying causes.  Often the recommendations we make include modifying lifestyle choices and creating new healthier habits.  Kirsten Hamilton RDN LDN FMNS, Debbie Garlits, our Lifestyle Support Specialist, are here to be of service.  Debbie can support you with the clarification of your goals and then empower you with tools and accountability to reach those goals.  

Dr. Debbie Bernstein recently virtually attended the IFM’s 2021 Annual International Conference on Resilience. The conference focused on creating more resilience as a society, as well as individually with regards to the management of increased physical and psychological stress heightened by the pandemic. Interesting topics included: Polyvagal Theory and the role of our parasympathetic system in managing stress and trauma; the role of certain phytochemicals in the prevention of disease and the way that herbicides, pesticides and glyphosate interfere with the production of theses phytochemicals rendering the plants we consume to have less health promoting properties; and many other lectures of interest. The Doctor hopes to share them with you during your visits and in the Newsletter comments. Stay tuned.

Debbie Garlits, BS has now successfully completed the HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self-Regulation.

On July 31st 2020 the American Board of Physician Specialties announced that Dr. Bernstein had met all requirements to be considered Board Certified in Integrative Medicine. The Doctor sat for the Integrative Board exam back in June of this year. In addition, she has a Masters in Bio-Nutrition and is boarded in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. She is also an IFM Certified Practitioner from the Institute for Functional Medicine. She loves to learn. Functional Medicine creates a framework for looking at root causes and Integrative Medicine provides guidance as to what types of therapies have the best research for a given issue and looks at treating the mind, body and spirit, which is so important to her.

She looks forward to applying what she continues to learn in treating her patients and hopes she can make a difference in the quality of life for those she serves.

Max Pulse Cardiovascular Testing

We are excited to offer a new non-invasive cardiovascular screening device called the Max Pulse. Using pulsewave analysis and frequency domain analysis techniques, you’ll see a detailed report of the overall health of your cardiovascular system. The Max Pulse analyzes heart rate variability and mean heart rate; elasticity of large, small, and peripheral arteries; arteriosclerosis progress; blood circulation and remaining blood volume; left ventricular power; and mental and physical stress and resistance to stress. This is a unique opportunity to take a detailed look at your cardiovascular health. For more information about cost and to make an appointment, please contact the office. You can also click here to read frequently asked questions about Max Pulse.