Our Approach – Holistic Healing Center

Our Approach

Pathways to Optimal Health and Well-Being

We create a partnership between you and the entire team with the intention of achieving your optimal health and well-being.

Dr. Debbie Bernstein offers:

  • A Functional integrative interdisciplinary approach that is patient centered.
  • Holistic orientation considering an individual’s mind, body and spirit
  • Lifestyle, exercise, dietary, hormonal, nutritional and herbal supplement recommendations given in the context of a medical background
  • Creating individualized specifically tailored treatment plans and coordinating with our staff and nutritionist to further support you in reaching your health and wellness goals
  • Knowledge of and working relationship with other complementary methods and practitioners including the following:
Acupunture Energy Therapies
Biofeedback Mind-Body Therapies
Physical Therapy Hypnosis
Chiropractic Lifestyle Coach
Massage Personal Fitness Trainer
Cranial Sacral Therapy Hypnotherapy
Stress Management Counseling
Nutrition Yoga

  • Providing access to cutting edge testing to more specifically identify and treat various conditions
  • Assessment of risk factors and underlying causes of disease
  • Providing non-surgical methods for pain reduction and restoring function with an integrative approach

Coordinates with Dr. Bernstein to provide a patient-centered approach that is integrative and Functional.

Listens to your concerns, needs and preferences to customize your dietary recommendations.

Takes into account emotional and behavioral factors.

Debbie Garlits, BS

As Patient Advocate, Debbie elaborates on the Doctor’s recommendations for specialty testing, nutritional and herbal supplements, and lifestyle. She provides additional information and educational materials for added support and reinforcement.

As Lifestyle Support Specialist, Debbie works one on one with you to review and have you experience various stress management techniques that support emotional regulation and build resiliency.

Susan is our Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach.  She educates our patients and help them understand Dr. Bernstein’s plan of care.  She offers tools and accountability when patients implement new lifestyle changes. Susan empowers and motivates the patients using positive psychology techniques. She also will guide patients through dietary changes, food plans, and physical activity protocols.

We create a partnership between you and the entire team with the intention of achieving your optimal health and well-being.