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Patient Advocate / Lifestyle Support Specialist

Debbie Garlits, BS

The role of the Patient Advocate and Lifestyle Support Specialist is to provide education and support to the patients as they go through their individual journey towards optimal health and well-being.  Learn more …

Debbie's background

Debbie is the perfect person for this role because of her own prior health challenges and how she learned to support herself with natural healing, her BS in Alternative Medicine, and her desire to serve. She is a great listener, has a wonderful sense of humor, is compassionate and loves to educate and support patients.

Debbie is a mother of two children and has worked in the field of education and teaching for the last several years. She, at the same time, completed her Bachelors.

Her desire to pursue further education in the field of holistic health was inspired by her own personal journey of healing. She felt empowered by her ability to regain her health using holistic and natural means. This then motivated her to apply herself to learning more so that she could better support herself, her children’s health and others.

Patient Advocate

Debbie coordinates with the Doctor and will provide additional information about specialty testing options and review and send out educational materials that are specifically recommended for the patient’s benefit by the Doctor. She will follow up with patients to provide support, answer questions and help maintain up-to-date information about the patient’s medication and supplement regimens.

The combination of her love for learning about holistic health and her love of people and teaching others gives her the perfect background for her position of Patient Advocate.

Lifestyle Support Specialist

Debbie offers services to support patients in achieving their optimal health. She can assist with various stress management techniques and therapies including HeartMath and the BioMat. Debbie has comprehensive training in HeartMath and has successfully completed the HeartMath Clinical Certification for Stress, Anxiety and Self-Regulation.

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HeartMath is a bio-feedback tool that is designed to help people utilize their innate abilities to control and combat stress. Learn more about HeartMath by clicking HERE.

Debbie is also familiar with a variety of stress management, mind-body and relaxation techniques that can enhance well-being and support more restful sleep.

She offers individual sessions for learning and practicing these various techniques.

Debbie can also support patients who want to use the BioMat, which is an amethyst mat that utilizes far infrared to promote deep relaxation among other healthful benefits. Learn more about BioMat by clicking HERE.

Debbie looks forward to being of service to you in reaching your goals of improved health and wellness.

Call our office to make an appointment with Debbie at 215-794-7880.

“By focusing on our hearts and calming our emotions, we open ourselves up to more peace and improve our resilience”

Debbie Garlits, BS