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Patient Resources

Dr. Bernstein’s approach works best when patients participate and take action to enhance their own health and well-being. This can involve making lifestyle changes that may be new and challenging. It may also involve looking at old habits and ways of thinking that are not conducive to optimal health. This page has been specifically designed to be a resource for motivated patients that are looking to make better choices that will lead to long lasting improved quality of life.

The topics include information regarding Specialty Testing options, tips and organizations that may offer support and further information, and help interpreting the Max Pulse test results. There is some information included on my Community Resource Page that may be helpful to you as well and you are urged to use that as a source of good ideas.

There may be updates to this page periodically as new information is available.

Specialty Lab Testing

Dr. Bernstein is committed to supporting you in your journey towards optimal health and well-being. In order to get to the root causes of your particular issues, more in depth testing may be recommended. These specialty tests often have out of pocket expenses which can vary greatly depending on your insurance coverage.

The Doctor has researched the clinical benefits of these tests. She has also researched which insurance policies best cover each test so that we can select the best tests considering both your medical and financial needs. In order for us to best serve you, it is helpful if you’re aware of your in network and out of network deductibles and how much of each you have used year to date. On the right are links to informational pages about each lab.

The information on each link is considered to be Educational Materials provided as part of the fees for non-covered services.

In coordination with the Holistic Healing Center Team, the Doctor provides personalized food plan recommendations to address your individual health challenges. On the Community Resource Page there are recommendations for where to shop to enjoy new food choices that will better serve your health. We find that the recommended stores carry more of a variety of food items that will best serve you if we recommend an elimination or detox type diet.

Wherever you shop, please pay careful attention to labels. On the elimination diet please remember that corn and soy are on the “NOT ALLOWED” list. Caution…if you are doing the elimination diet with the intention of losing weight and decreasing inflammation in the process…choose whole non-gluten options and “NOT” refined gluten free options.

*On the Community Resource Page are local farms with organic and clean meats and co-ops listed.

These websites may give you more ideas as well.

At times cravings are psychological and at other times they are exacerbated by nutritional and neuro-endocrine imbalances. It is important to discern what seems to be the underlying cause. Sometimes both components are present.

It is often helpful to ask yourself if you are about to make a poor food choice (What else could I choose to do for myself that would feel good but be a better choice for my overall health and well-being?)

We are here to be of support and that is why we have a team to guide you.

Lifestyle Support Services at our office:

Our Lifestyle Support Specialist Debbie Garlits offers individual sessions for those who are interested in support and guidance regarding lifestyle changes including stress management and relaxation techniques and making those changes stick.These sessions are personalized to address the specific needs of the individual with the goal of enhancing optimal health and well-being.

Interpreting Max Pulse Results

Dr. Bernstein’s approach works best when patients participate and take action to enhance their own health and well-being.